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Critical Design Investigating AI, Caroline Sanders on the Feminist Data Set

Critical Design Investigating AI, Caroline Sanders on the Feminist Data Set Online

Critical Design Investigating AI, Caroline Sanders on the Feminist Data Set and CAre B0t

This talk explores how usefulness is a necessary metaphor for design and art to critique technology, create spaces of provocation and activism. Within this talk, I will be expanding up usefulness, critical design and art, and focusing on two projects that embody this, Feminist Data Set and CAre B0t. 

This talk will also dive into theories and inspiration behind rsearch drive art. Usefulness, and interdisciplinary work are key and necessary parts of a research driven arts practice, and it is directly, extremely inspired by Tania Brugerua’s arte util methodology, which means utilitarian art. Arte Útil draws on artistic thinking to imagine, create and implement tactics that change how we act in society, again heavily focused on usefulness, on tool building, and on communities. Critic and Curator Nora Khan highlights the strengths of work stretching across domains, making art a necessary trojan horse to discuss useful change. Research driven art, embodying activism and or utilitarianism are artists and practices such as American Artist, Francis Tseng, Joanna Moll, Adam Harvey, Mimi Onuoha, Forensic Architecture and others. Artistic research practices don't exist just to bear witness, though that alone would be worthwhile; they question, provocate and offer a solution to a problem. This should not be viewed as a form of techno-solutionism however; the ‘solutions’ the artists provide are not meant to create an end to all other potential solutions, but serve to offer rather, temporary or open-source fixes for gaps in equity and violence created by society and thus are poetic witnesses of those gaps. 


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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
7:00pm - 8:30pm
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